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How Little Lincoln came to be what it is today

Through the restrictions of the pandemic, the unreliable British weather, and a desire to offer an outlet for children’s imagination, Little Lincoln was born.

Our story began with my children and I. Being a mum and working full time, our weekends are precious and I’m constantly looking for something exciting to do. After exploring every park and soft play, I was after something a little more.

Building the Children's Role-Play Centre

A children’s role play centre was an idea I toyed with for years, however honestly, I never had the guts to go for it, until now. Since having both of my children, I understand even more the importance of role-play in a child’s early development. 

Watching my children use their imagination whilst playing, and the scenarios they create with just a few toys truly amazes me, I then started to imagine what they and other children could do at a role play centre dedicated to building those scenarios. 

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After that, I took a leap of faith and decided to fully invest into that idea, because what better way to spark a child’s imagination than to let them be fully immersed in a world created for them. 

After what has been a difficult few years, having a business can be challenging, that’s why I wanted to include other amazing small local businesses as part of Little Lincoln and who knows, the job roles your children play, may just inspire them to do that in the future! And just like that, from my constant urge to be creative and provide fun for my children, and my understanding of the difficulties we as parents face, Little Lincoln was created.